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Get a website done by me (Yusuf). I do the hard work so that you don’t have to because I know how tough it could be to run your business and a website at the same time

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The Web Design Development Process

An explanation on the basics of web design

Firstly, get an idea for a domain name. A domain name is what your visitors will use to type in the search engines to get to your site. Most businesses would usually choose a domain name that matches their business name so that it would be easier for their customers to find them online. You would also need to choose an extension for your domain name such as a “.com” or “.sg” if you are located in Singapore. 

Next, you would need to choose a web host provider to store all your website’s data. One such example is Vodien.com which offers such services. Once you have both your domain name and also a web hosting provider, you can start installing WordPress on your site.

Even though WordPress is designed to help you build your websites more conveniently, it still requires a few design skills and basic technical skills to utilize the platform.

Some web designers/developers take up to a few months to get the basics of WordPress’s web builder platform. WordPress also allows developers to add plugins to create automation and processes for their site so that developers would not need to hard code each function themselves. Read more about WordPress here.

Once you have already designed your site to your liking, all you need to do is publish it and go live. 

We know this all sounds complicated and that is why our team at Website Makers Studios will handle everything from start to end ensuring that you get the website design that you want. 

Why Me?

monthly maintenance

With Search Engine Optimization (SEO), I help you rank better in multiple search engine platform. This makes your customers find you faster and ensure you stay relevant in search engines such as Google.

Multiple revisions

I provide multiple revisions for setting up the website for the first time. We ensure that you are satisfied with our work.


I give advice too for ways on growing your online presence. From posting on social media to creating ads for search engines such as Google.



Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The duration of the completion depends on the complexity of the requirements. More complex website require more time. If you’re planning on getting our basic package, it would roughly take around 7-10  days to complete.

Yes, information such as photos,videos,reviews and little details about what you do would be very important for us. It speeds up the process too.

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