How much do we charge to build a website?

If you are looking at just setting up a simple website for your business which would help your customers find you online and make your business look a little bit more professional then you should get this package. The $350 is a basic package where we would help you in designing your website as we often encounter clients who are unsure of the design process and have no clue on where to begin.

Our basic package starts from $350 which includes the following:

  • 5 Responsive Pages
  • 5 Products (E-commerce)
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • 6 Revisions
  • Unlimited Sections
  • Custom Email (Our Hosting) 
  • WordPress Platform

The 5 pages that we would create for you would be the home, services, about us, contact us, our-works or whatever you might have in mind within the 5 page quota. You can also have unlimited sections on your website, this means that you can add as many elements as you want on one page during the development phase of the site. 

Another good thing about this package is that if you decide to let us handle your web hosting then we can also handle your email hosting for you too.

As you can see in the list, the domain name and web hosting is not included in the package as we have clients who prefer to get the domain name or hosting on their own and we are totally fine with it!

To make it as simple as possible, here is the breakdown of the cost to create a website :

  • Domain name with a .com extension : $26/year
  • Web Hosting : $140/year
  • Our basic website design package : $350 (one time fee)


If you would like to find out more about website design/development, do feel free to contact me Yusuf at my email : or simply contact me through Whatsapp : +65 98697104

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